Ziad Abu-Rish is the director of the MA Program in Human Rights & The Arts, and Visiting Associate Professor of Human Rights at Bard College. Trained as an historian of the modern Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, his research centers around state formation, economic development, and popular mobilizations, particularly in Lebanon and Jordan.

Ziad holds a PhD in History from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He is currently completing a book project, “The State of Lebanon: Popular Politics and Institution Building in the Wake of Independence.” He is co-editor of The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings: End of an Old Order? (2012), Critical Voices: A Collection of Interviews from and on the Middle East (2015), and What Is Political Economy? (2016). He is the author of articles appearing in Middle East Report and Review of Middle East Studies and chapters in edited volumes on the political economy of the Middle East, the Arab uprisings, and teaching Middle East history. Ziad serves as co-editor of Arab Studies Journal and Jadaliyya e-zine, and co-director of the Lebanese Dissertation Summer Institute and Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative. During 2020–21, Ziad is a non-resident research fellow at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. He currently is a member of the board of directors of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA).

Ziad teaches courses on human rights, comparative state formation; various themes in Middle East history and contemporary politics; and research methodologies.