CHRA’s Polina Malikin at the Scope Art Fair

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Artist, community organizer, educator, and CHRA’s Programming Producer Polina Malikin presented work as part of a collaborative project called PRACTICAL ARTS at the Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach (November 29 – December 4, 2022). For this twenty-first edition, Scope Miami Beach brought together over 150 diverse contemporary exhibitors as well as various talks and installations throughout the week. 

PRACTICAL ARTS is a loose collective and utopian playground of Polina and her collaborators, Lilah Friedland (Invisible Hand) and Sam Liebert (Eureka!). Collectively, they create prints, publications, installations, herbal medicines, and community gatherings. They work with other makers to curate exhibits and experiences, create beautiful, useful objects, nurture caring relationships, and seek out ecstatic experiences. 

At Scope, PRACTICAL ARTS shared a new interactive installation called 1-800-POWERS: Everybody Is Somebody’s Baby, in tandem with a curated booth that features work by 35 different makers which included Acorn Studio, Antonia Crane, Atelier Poliana, Ben Fine, Bill Daniel, Brendan Monroe, Carrie Dashow, Chris O’Neil, Christin Ripley, Cody Brgant, Craig Monteith, Danica Pantic, DonChristian Jones, Elena Erber, Expat. FN Furniture, GOODWITCH, Gyan Shrosbee, Homebodies, Hugo Gyrl, IBe Crawley, InQueery / Alison Dubois, Jazmine Hayes, Jef Wolfy Scharf, Jen Lewin, Luka Carter, Mercy, Mo Pepin, Quittner Antiques, Rebecca Morgan, Russell Butler, Tivali Thomas, Victor A. Saint-Hilaire, Wild Folk, Willy Soma, and Workaday Handmade.

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