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Talks Series

Danielle Purifoy: “Remote Control”—Plantations and Black Forest Ecologies in the Black Belt

This talk examines how the contemporary timber industry reproduces plantation power. It explores the “remote control” of land — such as absentee land ownership, Black family land grabs, new markets for energy, and legal regimes designed to “devalue” common property in favor of individual ownership and profit. Multi-generation Black homeplaces and communities, rooted in alternative modes of land relations, sustain...

Talks Series

Baha Hilo: The Olives of Palestine

Olive trees have been a major part of Baha's practice as an educator and community organizer. His talk will focus on the significance, history, and place of olive trees in Palestine, as well as the different methods used by the state of Israel to destroy this ancestral staple and tradition. Baha will share his project Preserve, which is curated by...