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Tender Edges: Microfestival by First-Year M.A. Students in Human Rights & the Arts

Saturday December 10, 2022Monday December 12, 2022

Tender Edges is a microfestival of live art projects created by the first year M.A. students in Human Rights & the Arts at Bard College. These works-in-progress are part of The Politics of Interactive Live Art course taught by Tania El Khoury. The microfestival takes place at various times and locations on campus on Saturday 10 December and Monday 12 December. It includes one-to-one performances, video and sound installations, lecture performances, live drawing, occupation of campus spaces and immersive experiences.

Saturday 10 December

My Mind in a Bathtub by Jina Rishmawi (Barringer House 12:00 PM)

Olovo by Nestor Rotsen (Campus Center 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

The Thread by Anastasia Dzutstsati (Campus Center 1:00 PM)

[TL;DR] by Aya Rebai (Stevenson Library 2:00 PM)

Opacities by Raneem Ayyad (Aspinwall Hallway 3:00 PM)

Me and the Other by Guzal Alimova (Resnick Studio, Fisher Center 4:00 PM)

Inner Rave by Luka Gotsiridze (Resnick Studio, Fisher Center 5:00 PM)

Horizons by Anas Alkhatib (Resnick Studio, Fisher Center 6:00 PM)


Monday 12 December

Center and Edge by Mayss Al Alami (Campus Center 12:00 PM)

Home Is A Place by Laila Sharif (Barringer House 1:00 PM)

As We Bleed by Ciko Sidzumo (Bard Chapel 3:00 PM)

Camp Is… by Immanuel Williams (Campus Center 3:30 PM)

Digital Dystopias by Mariia Pankova (George Alden’s Computer Teaching Lab 4:00 PM)

To the FSB Officer Who Attended my Events by KK (Stevenson Library 5:00PM)


Saturday December 10, 2022
Monday December 12, 2022
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