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CHRA Awards Grants to Twenty-Three OSUN Students & Faculty Members

By February 23, 2022March 1st, 2022No Comments

This January 2022 CHRA completed selections for our 2021–22 Faculty Research Grants and Student-led Initiative Grants competitions, two of our annual grant competitions. We are pleased to announce that CHRA has awarded a total of twenty-three grants to faculty and students across nineteen OSUN institutions in these two most recent grant competitions. Awardees will use their grants during Spring and Summer 2022 to advance their faculty research agendas and student-led initiatives.

2022 Faculty Research Grant Awardees

Asma Abbas (Bard College at Simon’s Rock): “Anti-Odysseus: Fugues of the Non-Homeric”

B Camminga (University of the Witwatersrand): “Trans: Gender in Africa”

Lina Dzuverovic (Birkbeck, University of London): “Spectres of Art: The Gendered Politics and Practices of Art Collectives”

Jorge González-Jácome (Universidad de Los Andes): “Memory and counter-memory in a transitional scenario: the case of Doris Salcedo and the Special Peace Tribunal in Colombia”

Laura Hammond (SOAS University of London): “Migration and Human Rights Comicon”

Sanjay Kumar (Central European University): “Performing to remember: Transnational histories and struggle for community. A case study of Romani theatre in Central and Eastern Europe” 

Patricia López-Gay (Bard College Annandale): “They Stole my Origins!” Digital Life-Writing by the Spanish Stolen Children”

Jana Lozanoska (Al-Quds Bard College): “X-Rays as Evidence in International Courts and Forensic Art”

Asif Majid (University of Connecticut): “Performing The Cassette Shop: New Theatre with Asylum Seekers in Washington, DC”

Jason Murphy (American University of Bulgaria): “Mahalla (Youth development through media arts)”

Tongji Qian (Bard Early College): “Not a Food Desert Anymore: Cultural and Culinary Landscape in East Washington”

Mohira Suyarkulova (American University of Central Asia): “Queering Sex Education in Kyrgyzstan”

2022 Student-led Initiative Grants Awardees

Đặng Thị Thảo Nguyên (Fulbright University Vietnam): “Conserving the Bahnar Tomb House Statue”

Petra Mensah Abosi (Ashesi University): “Bridging the Communication Gap between the Hearing and the Deaf”

Farhin Ahmed (Brac University): “Project Inside”

Shailaja Kayastha Kasaju (Brac University): “Tekka: A Nepali Social Enterprise Promotes Nepal-made Products” 

Mariam Hussam Alqam (Al-Quds Bard College): “EcoAQB”

Nargis Naseri (American University of Beirut): “I Am the Change-Maker”

Nargiza Maksatova (American University of Central Asia): “Youth Against Domestic Violence against Women”

Shukri Mohamed Ibrahim (OSUN): “Communities Living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp”

Selahattin Can Uğuzeş (Bard College Berlin): “Supporting Independent Art collective BOUNSERGİ”

Diana Ordóñez Castillo (Universidad de Los Andes): “Museums for Peace”

Nico Athene (University of the Witwatersrand): “Movement and Performance Workshop on the Aesthetics of Embodied Ecologies” 

For more information on our grant competitions and other funding opportunities, please visit the Opportunities Section of our website.

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