Al-Monitor article about MA graduate Adam HajYahia’s thesis project, Carnal Politics

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A new article in Al-Monitor looks at MA graduate Adam HajYahia’s recent thesis project, Carnal Politics: Sex, Desire, and Anti-Colonial Deviance in Mandate Palestine. The work aims to re-imagine new possibilities for Palestine’s future by linking today’s struggle to a long history of “deviance”, liberation, and resistance.  

During the thesis exhibition in May 2023, Carnal Politics offered the public a view of rarely seen documents as well as original work that manipulated and re-created archival materials. The work aimed to collapse the linear historical timeline as well as disrupt notions of pre-modernity and post-modernity, especially in the colonial context of Palestine.

“These traces and imaginations outlive the conditions of their making, and those who fabulate them reach us in the present, and we can channel them into an emancipatory future, with new emancipated Palestinian subjects.” — Adam HajYahia

Read the full article by Naima Morelli in Al Monitor.

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